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The English Setter Association of America is pleased to announce the 2016 recipients of the Misty Mondok Myers Memorial Academic Scholarship. Alex Van Meter and Brianne Bell will each received $1000 and Sherry Wuetherich will receive $500 scholarships toward their college education.
Brianne Bell Scholarship Winner

Corrie Scholarship
Alex Van Meter Scholarship Winner

Sherry Wuetherich Scholarship Winner
Brianne Bell has been a member of ESAA for more than 10 years. She will graduate from James Madison High School in Oakton, VA. Brianne will be attending George Mason University to study computer science and follow her passion in exploring artificial intelligence. In her free time she works on perfecting her English setter grooming skills while indulging in another passion, the arts. Brianne plays the flute, guitar and piano and has been taking art classes since she was 9 years old. Brianne would like to express her appreciation and thank ESAA for awarding her the scholarship. She says English setters have been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember and she knows regardless of where her college path takes her, there will always be an English setter by her side CAlex Van Meter’s love of English Setters was kindled when he began showing Stardom Eversett Celestial Fireball ‘Hailee’ in fall of 2013 and joined ESAA. When he is not presenting in the breed ring, Alex enjoys running his cocker spaniel in agility, or spending time alone reading or writing with his dogs. Alex will graduate from a homeschool program this year. Alex will attend Rutgers University and plans to study English and journalism or communication in order to pursue his passions for writing and public speaking. While he does not have any specific plans for the future, he has expressed an interest in using his writing and speaking skills as well as his love of English Setters to promote the cause of purebred dogs and educate the public about them.   Sherry Wuetherich likes big dogs and small dogs, but loves English setters, especially Oliver. She began her showing career with a Carin Terrier at age 5 and continued on to show English mastiffs. Four years ago, after researching options for a new juniors dog, Sherry fell in love with Oliver, her new English setter puppy. Sherry says she has always liked sporing dogs but choose an English setter because of their great temperament. She has finished a championship on Oliver and looks forward to obtaining his grand championship. Sherry has been a member of ESAA for four years. Sherry will graduate from Glencoe Sliver Lake High School in Gaylord, MN this year. She plans to attend Ridgewater College.
Junior Handlers at 2016 ESAA National
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Misty Mondok Myers Memorial Academic Scholarship

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Misty Mondok Myers Memorial Courage Scholarship

This Scholarship is for Junior Handlers who have overcome significant Challenges.

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Please note:

1. A junior who qualifies may apply for both Academic and Courage scholarships but can receive only one in any given year.

2. A junior who qualifies may apply for either scholarship in subsequent years but no more than two scholarships will be awarded to any member.

2016 AKC National Championship Junior Participants

Stipends Available to Compete in National Level Events. 

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Stipend Application Available Here
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