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The Versatile English Setter

The Versatile English Setter titling program was created to recognize those English Setters who show great breadth of achievement. The program is available to all AKC-registered English Setters with regular number or Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number whose owner(s) are members of ESAA during the time the requirements were met and at the time of application. The English Setter Association of America is very excited to offer this new opportunity to recognize those owners who pursue multiple sports with their English Setter.

The purpose of this ESAA titling program is to:

  • Encourage English Setter owners to enrich their experiences with their English Setters by participating in a variety of activities and to acknowledge their achievements in a meaningful way.
  • Broaden the scope of ESAA support of activities beyond conformation, potentially encouraging a broader spectrum of people to enjoy the benefits of ESAA membership
  • Strengthen ESAA’s stewardship of the whole English Setter, including intelligence, athleticism, soundness, and trainability, as well as conformation to the written standard
  • Support breeding programs striving to produce English Setters conforming to the written breed standard. This supports producing English Setters with the structure that allows participation in a variety of activities with power, strength, appropriate speed, and stamina.
This title is not automatic and must be applied for. To apply for a title, the owner(s) of the dog fills out an application available on the ESAA website (Click Here) or from Sue Johnson ([email protected]). Mail or email the application and copies of supporting documentation including AKC title certificates when applicable to ESAA’s designated representative, Sue Johnson. It is the owner(s)responsibility to submit a certificate to the Medallions chair for an ESAA medallion. All owners of the dog at the time of application for a VES title must be members of ESAA, as well as at the time each credential was earned. Application for awards for deceased dogs may be made as long as all owners of the dog are members of ESAA at the time of application, as well as at the time each credential was earned. The table on the VES Application outlines the multi-level program that focuses on satisfying requirements for American Kennel Club (AKC) titles as a path to developing Versatile English Setters (VES).

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