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C.H.I.C. (Canine Health Information Center)

-it’s a centralized health database run jointly by AKC/CHF and OFA

-it’s goal is to provide a source of reliable health information
-it helps Breeders evaluate dogs to use in their breeding programs
-it helps Buyers pick breeders who do health testing and verifies that a pup’s parents have been screened
-it helps Researchers track the incidence of health issues over generations of dogs and across all breeds
-it helps All Of Us monitor disease prevalence and measure our progress in breeding healthier dogs!

Do I have to apply for a CHIC#?

-no, it is automatic
-any English Setter complying with the CHIC requirements for ES will get a CHIC# & certificate

Does a CHIC# cost me anything?

-NO!  Not if you use ESAA or OFA screening tests.  (There is a one-time $25/dog fee to submit Normal test results from other sources like OVC.  There is no fee to submit Abnormal test results from other sources.)

What does my dog need to do to get a CHIC#?

-the dog must be screened for all three (3) health items defined as important by ESAA
-the dog does NOT need to have normal results on ANY of the screening tests, it just needs to be tested
-the dog must have some form of permanent ID (tattoo or microchip)
-the dog’s owner must agree to let OFA post the test results “in the public domain” (on their website)

What are the CHIC requirements for English Setters?

-check for Hip Dysplasia using either OFA or OVC (a Canadian database)
-check for Elbow Dysplasia using either OFA or OVC (a Canadian database)
-check for Hearing using the BAER Test.  Send results to either the ESAA Database or OFA Database

Effective 1-01-14, thyroid will be a requirement for CHIC qualification.  This means, that to get a CHIC number as of 1-01-14, English Setters must have a permanent identification (tattoo or microchip) and the following tests done and published in the public domain of the OFA Web Site:

BAER Testing (hearing)

Prior to 1-01-14, English Setters must have all of the above except the thyroid to acquire a CHIC number.

Once a dog has received a CHIC number, it will not be taken away.  So, if your dog has a CHIC number prior to 1-01-14 but does not have thyroid, that CHIC number will remain valid.

My dog  had all these tests and I DIDN’T GET A CHIC CERTIFICATE.  What did I miss?

-Be sure your dog has permanent identification on record with OFA (tattoo or microchip).
-Be sure you sent the BAER test results in to either the ESAA or OFA Database.
-Be sure you gave OFA permission to release abnormal Hip or Elbow X-ray results into the public domain.  (If your dog has an OFA# for Hips & Elbows = Normal results, you don’t need to do anything.)
-You can release abnormal results by sending OFA an “Open Database Authorization”.  This form is available on their website:  (look along the left margin).

For more information about CHIC contact me or go to:

Dr. Michelle Raisor, ESAA Health & Genetics Chairman

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