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Judges Education & Breed Mentor Program

BJ Parsons

ESAA Judges Education Chairperson

English Setter Visualization

You can download the guide here. Contact Sandi McCue (by email or 916-217-9912) for a hard copy.

ESAA Judges Education Attendees

Download a PDF list of ESAA Judges Education Attendees.

Judges Education Presentation

Download a PDF copy of ESAA Judges Education Presentation.

Ringside Mentor Program

To all ESAA Approved Breed Mentors,

The AKC Ringside Observation program will be a way in which we can educate new judges about our breed, making sure that they receive the correct information to make them better judges when judging our English Setters. The list of breed Mentors has been sent to AKC.

Your job as a breed Mentor:

  1. To be available at Specialties and large entry all-breed shows to sit with an observer and discuss the English Setter. Most judges will want to be mentored at the large entry all-breed shows, however, there will be some asking to be mentored at small entry shows if that is all that they are able to attend. Mentors may participate only up to the class they are exhibiting in except at National or Regional Specialties where formal ringside mentoring is organized by he host club
  2. To be a presenters at English Setter breed seminars to various judges groups. Our judges program is now in Power Point form, and can easily be given by any of you. We also still have the slide presentation where Power Point can not be used.
  3. To be available at shows or for at home kennel visits so that a prospective judge can examine multiple dogs and see various stages of development in puppies and adolescents.
  4. To educate by being positive and objective, concentrating on virtues rather than faults, as stated in the ESAA Breed Mentor Guidelines.


  1. AKC Ringside Observation form. (This can also be downloaded from the AKC website.) 2. Visualization of the English Setter
  2. English Setter breed standard
  3. Comparisons of the English, Irish & Gordon Setters

More Visualizations can be ordered when needed. There is one set of the other materials for you to make copies.

Guidelines for Breed Mentors

Mentors should be people with good integrity, honesty, and have the welfare of the breed and ESAA above their own personal agenda. They need to work well with people, and have good communication skills.


  1. 15 years active experience in the breed.
  2. ESAA member for 12 years and must be in good standing with both ESAA and AKC.
  3. Attended at least 5 ESAA National Specialties, 2 of them in the past 3 years.
  4. Bred 5 litters and made a strong effort to breed to the AKC standard and have had at least 5 homebred champions.
  5. Must have knowledge of the background, history and function of the breed.
  6. Attended or assisted in the ESAA Judges Education breed study at least 1 time.
  7. Have experience in judging the breed or in sweepstakes.
  8. Have a time available to devote to potential judges requesting meetings or other interactions.

Strongly Recommend: Have attended at least 1 field event involving English Setters, AKC Hunt Test or Field Trial.


  1. To use ESAA materials when mentoring or making a presentation.
  2. Concentrate on virtues rather than faults.
  3. Be objective and positive
  4. Conduct yourself appropriately as a representative of ESAA.
  5. Must discuss dogs as per the standard, show records should not be discussed and promotion of individual dogs or kennels is not acceptable.

These requirements and guidelines will be updated as necessary with Board of Directors approval.

Meet The English Setter


Please download and fill out the application below. Once filled out, applications are to be sent to:

B.J. Parsons DVM

53 Blueberry Ridge Lane

Zirconia, NC 28790