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The English Setter Association of America has been in existence for almost 90 years as the parent club of AKC English Setters in the United States. Our job is to protect and conserve the breed, as well as to look to its future.

Become an ESAA Member

Why should you join ESAA?

Membership in ESAA has many benefits.  They include:

  • Your first year of membership is free!
  • Members receive a newsletter that is sent electronically and which is archived on the website.  Newsletters are published every other month and contain info on upcoming events (such as the National specialty) and current, important issues in the club.
  • A beautiful, hardback annual containing several hundred pages of photos and info on regional specialties, the national specialty, kennel pages, current dogs being shown, etc. is available for purchase.  The annual contains many sections in which members can advertise their dogs.  The annuals are used as reference material for years to come for those who want to research their dogs’ pedigree.
  • The National specialty includes the National Futurity.  The Futurity is open only to puppies owned or co-owned by ESAA members from litters that have been nominated by breeders who are ESAA members.
  • ESAA has a mentor program for new members.  Our mentor coordinator can put new members in touch with current members who are willing to mentor in any area of interest including conformation, grooming, performance events, field, juniors, or just everyday questions about your companion English Setter.  The combined ESAA membership contains a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into through the mentorship program.  
  • ESAA has a Versatility program.  The Versatility program allows you to obtain different levels of Versatility titles (awarded by ESAA) based on your English Setters’ titles achieved through AKC events.  This program was instituted to showcase the “versatility” of our wonderful breed.  More info on the Versatility program can be found on the website.
  • Membership allows you to have a voice in ESAA through voting privileges on many important issues in the club.  

So come join us!!  Whether you have a show English Setter, a loving family companion or a hunting partner, we have a lot to offer!!

Membership Benefits

Junior Handlers

  • Free Entries at the National Specialty
  • Free Ticket to the Banquet at the National Specialty
  • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Royan Canin
    • National Specialty
    • College Scholarships (3)
  • Fun Activities at the National Specialty
  • Reduced Membership Fees

Regional Clubs

  • Two Silver Bowls per Year for BOB at Specialties
  • Silver Bowls for BOB at Hosted ESAA Regional Specialties
    • Agility/Field/Obedience
  • Listing of Events on the ESAA Website and Facebook Pages
  • Support for Meet the Breed Booths
  • Support for Judges Education Opportunities


  • Opportunity to Apply for Annual Awards
    • Conformation
    • Obedience
    • Agility
    • Field
  • Opportunity to Participate in the Versatility Program
  • Medallions for Titles Earned
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Free ESAA Annual
  • Opportunity to Participate in the Futurity/Maturity
  • Opportunity to Participate in Breeder Listing on ESAA Website
  • Health Clinics at the National Specialty—ESAA Subsidizes at 50%
  • ESAA Supports Research into Health Concerns Affecting our Breed by Donating to Peer Reviewed Studies
    • BAER
    • Epilepsy
    • Thyroid

We Want You To Join!

In addition to these very tangible benefits of membership, there is also the intangible benefit that comes from belonging to a club that is devoted to the English Setter. You can be part of a group that cares about the same dogs you care about. You can belong to a family of people who have the same interests and concerns about the dogs as you. It’s really very nice to know you are surrounded by people who all feel the same way you do about these crazy spotted dogs!

Plus, we really do want you to join. As much as we love our dogs, we also care about each other. Our dogs bring us together and keep us close. With only a little over 100 litters born each year, most of us know each other, all over the country. We keep in touch with each other. We know the people who buy our dogs. We want them to be part of our Setter family, too. When you join the ESAA, you and your dogs become part of the family. So, whether you have a rescue dog or a show puppy or a companion dog, we want you to join and be part of our family.


There are responsibilities that go with owning an English Setter and being part of the ESAA. When you apply for membership you will be asked to sign the club’s Code of Ethics. We take this code very seriously.

What are you waiting for?

We hope you will consider joining the ESAA. Everyone interested in English Setters is welcome to join. We have many members who have English Setters as pets and companions. You do not have to show dogs or be a breeder to be a member. If you do show your dog, you will find many willing mentors in the ESAA. If you are interested in Junior Showmanship, the ESAA is a very encouraging club. Our members are involved in every kind of dog activity sponsored by AKC. We love English Setters and are always finding more fun things to do with our dogs.

So, whether you love to burn up the agility course with your dog, or your dog loves to hunt, or the two of you just like to curl up on the sofa and watch TV, you will find others in the ESAA who like to do the same with their English Setters. We look forward to getting to know you.