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Education Corner

The Public Education Corner is a service that the English Setter Association of America provides on the web-site as well in our newsletter for our Membership. The corner’s sole purpose is to disseminate information from the American Kennel Club and to educate our membership as to matters that directly affect our English Setters, which we so proudly represent. The PE Corner in our web-site has evolved from the number of requests from the membership for reprints of past and present articles that have appeared in the newsletter. 

Each month you will find a reprint of the current month’s article that appears in the ESAA Newsletter. All other articles will be archived for future retrieval. It will also alert us to important or urgent information that cannot wait for the monthly newsletter that AKC would like for us to pass along to our membership. Please feel free to e-mail the Public Education Chairperson for comments, replies or suggestions for up coming articles.

It is my pleasure to represent such a fine and noble breed, the English Setter.

Jessica Braatz Meet Jessica Braatz: 2022 recipient of the Misty Mondok Myers Memorial Academic Scholarship.

2022 recipient of the Misty Mondok Myers Memorial Academic Scholarship. Nine years ago I grasped a leather lead in my hand for the first time. Young and eager, I took a few steps, surprised when the dog to my left easily trotted beside. I beamed…

Three Dog Night

It will be a  co~o~o~ld  night tonight. The lows will be in the “three to four dog range” with the windsreaching up to one or more.  As reported in the Aleutian Islands: The Eskimo tribes of Alaska determine temperature based upon how many dogs they…

The National Bird Dog Museum

As I write this, it is only a few days away from the opening of bird season in Wisconsin. If you want to see a tribute to our wonderful breed, then you must make a visit to The National Bird Dog Museum. It truly makes you proud to be owned by an English Setter.

Small Step

In April, the U.S. House-Senate Committee looking at the current Animal Welfare Act agreed to drop the (PPA), Puppy Protection Act from the Farm Bill.

Harm’s Way

Millions of years ago until today the ‘alpha dog’s’ role was as guide and guardian of their pack. The responsibility to keep the members of their pack safe was solely theirs.


Just as George Carlin might say, ‘No dog uses a self-rinse shampoo, someone puts it on, rubs it in and rinses it out. Just like there are no self-rinse shampoos, there are NO self-conditioning dogs.

Good Grief

Have you ever wondered why our loving companions are only with us a short time in comparison to our lives? Well, I have. We have all heard that ‘one year of a dog’s life is equivalent to seven years of a human’s life’.