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English Setter Association of America

Gentle, affectionate, friendly, without shyness, fear or viciousness.

As a family dog, the English Setter is unsurpassed. His even temperament, devotion, quiet manner, ease of care and training, health and beauty, and fondness of children make him an ideal companion. Above all, he finds his greatest happiness and fulfillment in human companionship. City, suburb or country – it matters little to the English Setter where he lives as long as he lives in the house with someone he loves.

ESAA is dedicated to providing information for persons wishing to obtain an English Setter or purchase an English Setter puppy. Prospective English Setter owners can locate regional ES clubs, ES breeders who are ESAA members (that have signed the club code of ethics), or find English Setters to purchase by using this site. We hope that the content of this site will help you learn more about the breed if you are thinking about adding one to your family, more about your dog if you are already blessed with an English Setter, and more about how you can participate in the many events and activities of ESAA by becoming a member.

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We have a directory, by state, of the English Setter Association of America, Inc. members that have signed the “Code Of Ethics” and have agreed to be contacted by persons seeking English Setter puppies or adult dogs.

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If you are thinking of adding an English Setter to your home, then you have come to the right place to learn more about this wonderful breed. If you already own an English Setter, then congratulations! You must be a very special person to have one of these great dogs in your life. English Setters are something of a well-kept secret with just a little more than 100 AKC litters registered each year.

Membership DOES have its privileges! The ESAA offers a number of “perks” just for members. We have a bi-monthly newsletter just for members, as well as a beautiful hardback annual with several hundred pages of photos that is offered for sale to members. Membership also allows you to show your puppies in the club’s National Futurity. The Futurity is only open to puppies that are owned or co-owned by members, from litters that have been nominated. Membership in the ESAA also gives you voting privileges in the club enabling you to have a say regarding all issues.

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KMESC Summer Independent Specialties

June 24 – June 25

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English Setter Club Of Canada National Specialty Weekend

June 30 – July 2

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August 24 – August 25

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September 9 – September 10

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October 23 – October 28

Join us this October for our 2023 National Specialty event in Asheville, North Carolina. Last day to book is Friday, September 22, so don’t delay.

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About English Setters

To our mind, no description of the English Setter could be better than the first sentence of the breed standard: “An elegant, substantial, and symmetrical gun dog suggesting the ideal blend of strength, stamina, grace, and style.”

The English Setter is an intensely friendly and good-natured breed of dog whose sweet temperament makes him an excellent family member. English Setters are medium size with long, silky white coat flecked either with tan (called orange belton) or black (blue belton) or white with black flecks and tan points on the muzzle, forelegs and hind legs (tri color). Liver and lemon flecking are also possible, but rare.

English Setters are an old but not an ancient breed. Written references to English Setters date from between 400 and 500 years ago. One of the early names for the Setter was Setting Spaniel, but remember, in those days, the term spaniel often meant simply “dog from Spain,” so the relationship to dogs we know as flushing spaniels today may not be as strong as this name suggests.

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I know many keep Benadryl in their Dog First Aid Kit , just make sure you have the right form of it. FYI, not my dog thankfully but wanted to share

Please read and share!

On Sunday night our dog Remi was bit or stung by something.. we sadly still don’t know what.. she was vomiting and had hives. We did like most pet owners and gave her Benadryl.. .sadly she quickly turned for the worst. 2:45 in the morning we rushed her to the emergency clinic in Mishawaka. When she arrived her pupils were nonresponsive and she was experiencing tremors. They quickly rushed her away and got her hooked up to IV and on meds. Her glucose level when we arrived was only 36 and her liver and kidneys were compromised.
By 6 AM she had stabilized, but was not out of the woods. At 7:30 we had to transport her to another vet clinic. She spent the day there and was able to come home that evening❤️❤️
She is now recovering well at home and we are so thankful we did not lose her..

For three days I’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong and why she reacted to the Benadryl the way she did.. with the help of Dr. Brown from Fedore Vet Clinic we realized the liquid gelcaps Benadryl that I gave her had ingredients that are toxic to dogs. You’ve all heard that people say artificial sweeteners are bad and are fatal for them, well the Benadryl allergy liquid gelcaps have this in them….

Please share so other owners are aware that the Benadryl allergy liquid gelcaps cannot be given to dogs!!!

Please share.

A Common Artificial Sweetener Is Poisoning Dogs. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in everything from toothpaste to peanut butter to sugar-free gum. And, it turns out, it’s poison for dogs. The FDA just dropped a new warning that, while it’s just fine for people, the sweetener has proven fatal for dogs
Found in gum, peanut butter, jams, pop AND Benadryl Gel Caps!!
It’s killing dogs but there is no warnings on labels.
It’s up to the dog community to spread the word
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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

I’m so thankful she pulled through and will be okay! Thank you for sharing this important discovery!!!

What about the liquid Pepto Bismol caps? I have been giving these. I would hate to find out I have been poisoning my poor dogs with these!

Glad she is ok. Yes I knew this and only by the traditional caplets fir me or the dogs

It is unfortunately in a lot of things. Some toothpaste, keto baked goods, some gum. The list is long and I believe we are one of the few countries that still allows it to be used.

There's NO xylitol in Benadryl Gel Caps, there IS sorbitol. "While some artificial sweeteners like xylitol are toxic to dogs, sorbitol isn’t one of them. But a sweetener like sorbitol in dog treats or food is an absolutely unnecessary ingredient." Sources:

Xylitol is also found in some forms of Pepto Bismol

Thank you so much for the info and glad your girl is ok.

So glad your dog is okay. Thanks for sharing.

Hard lesson learned. Glad she made it through the worst of it!

Actually ANY liquid form of Benedryl may contain xylitol

Thank you for posting!

Gels have Sorbitol, but adult liquid has alcohol .. <<<Inactive Ingredients gelatin, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, purified water, and sorbitol. Capsules are imprinted with edible dye-free ink

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