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2011 Full Results

Judge: Houston Clark

Best Of Breed 

GrCh. Oakleys BeDazzled,

Owned by Don & Georgean Jensen & Eric & Jennifer Strickland

Best of Winners

Stargazers N Chebaco’s Gift To Paisley

Owned by E Buege , S Charkowske, & Eileen Hackett

Best of Opposite Sex

GrCh. Honeygait Wilsonlake On The Rocks

Owned by Amy Duncan & Michelle Raisor

Select Dog

GrCh. Stargazers N Wingfields Wait Wait Don’t Tell

Owned By: Pat & Don Coller & Eileen Hackett

Select Bitch

GrCh. Reidwood Artistic Vision

Owned By: Jeanette & Nancy Warner & Clifford Reid

Awards of Merit

Ch. Huntwood Chebaco’s Perfect Image

Owned by Eileen Hackett, Judi Hunter & Jo Rosser-Sabo

Gr Ch. Country Squire Rockette

Owned by Shaun Jordan & Deb Jauron

Ch. Aerden Pretty In Pink

Owned by Laurie & Rose Miller

GrCh. Editions Pursuit of Happiness

Owned by Mary Coldiron & Lindsey Kuhn

GrCH. Colthouse Genuine Draft

Owned by Georgette Perry, Annette Carswell & Ann Laurie

Best Puppy

Cierlyn’s Travels of Marco Polo

Owner Judy Kuehl

Best Bred By

Trabeiz Chebaco Crank Daddy

Owned by Peg Ziebart Sennett, Sandy Charkowske, Eileen Hackett

Regular Male Classes

Regular Male Classes

Judge: Houston Clark

6-9 Puppy Dog(11 entered 1 ab)

1.Cirelyn’s Travels of Marco Polo, Owner Judy Kuehl

2.Camelia’s Lead Off Man, Owners Lori, Connor & Jarret Whorf

3. Bourbon’s Stealing Home, Owner Lourdes Fernandez

4 Esthetes The Bard of Avon, Owned by Jill Warren & David Smith

9-12 dog ( 4 entered)

1 Feathers Continental Cowboy, Owners Jan & David Carlson

2.Set’R Ridges National Pride N Glory, Owner Pam & Amy Miller

3. Set R Ridge Sevenoaks Noel NCIS, Owned by Hillary Oaks & Jackie Noel

4 Triple Creeks This Buds For Me, Owner George & Roseanne Wheatley

12-15 dogs (9 entered 0 absent)

1. Editions Kryptonite, Owners Conny Helms, Karen Corey & Greg Corey

2. Lentigo’s Runs Like A Deer, Owner Robert Barber

3. Reidwood’s Dare To Believe, Owners Jeanette & Nancy Warner & Clifford Reid

4. Esquire Carob’s Ladies Love Country Boys, Owners Carol Ulrich & Robert Gleason & Jan Borchardt

15-18 dogs ( 10 entered 2 absent)

1. Artizoe Keeleys Eccentric, Owners Lise Trottier, Louis Journault & Kendra Huber

2.Weymouth’s EnFuego, Owner Penny & Tony DiSienna

3.Set R Ridge Flirtin With Fame, Owner Jean Frankey

4. Creekcrosings Honor N Gold, Owners Nancy Alexander & Melissa Newman

AOH ( 2 entered)

1. Darkenwald Sunny’s Halo, Owner MaryLou Levesque

2. Heartsongs Peaceful Easy Feeling, Owner Julie Sopko

Bred By Dogs (15 entered 0 absent)

1. Trabeiz Chebaco Crank Daddy, Owned by Sandy Charkowskie, Eileen Hackett & Peg Ziebart Sennet

2. BJ’s Festivity Bugatti Veyron, Owners BJ Parsons & Kristen Mooney

3. Set R Ridge Affirmed, Owner Melissa Newman

4. Huntwood King of Fairray, Owners Hans Sleeger & Judi Hunter

American Bred Dogs (3 entered)

1. Merrimans N Stardom’s Fire at Hiddenlane, Owners Karen Lishinski & Harvey Wooding

2. Kei Rin Starburst Clever D V8Tion, Owner Pam & Kayla Kozak

3. Meadowsets Danny Boy, Owner Jane Flynn

Open Dog ( 13 entered 0 absent)

1. Stage Door It Amazes Me, Owner Nina Brown & Joan Savage

2. Stargazers N Wingfield Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Owner Don & Pat Coller & Eileen Hackett

3. Esthetes Top Sail VJK London RN, Owner Jill Warren, Lanore Matter & Val Nunes Atkinson

4. Set R Ridge Sevenoaks Driftwood, Owner Pauline Taylor & Hillary Oakes

Winners Dog

Stage Door It Amazes Me (Open class) 

Reserve Winners Dog

Stargazers N Wingfield Dont Ask Dont Tell (Open Class)

Non- Regular Male Classes

Judge: Houston Clark

Veteran Dog (10 entered 1 absent)

1. Ch. Chebaco’s Circle of Friends,  Owner Patty Burmeister & Michelle Hess

2. Ch.MACH Stoney Greens Allstar MVP, Owned by Deborah Greenstone

3. Ch. Honeygait Surprise Addition, Owner John Flynn & John & Mary Nowak

4. Huntwood Sweet Revivicence, Owned by John & Jean Hupperton

Field Dogs (5 entered 1 absent)

1. Ch. Set’R Ridges Trademark JH, Owned by Pam Miller

2. Ch. Pantemoniums Anything Goes JH, Owned by Karen Lishinski & Larry Madden

3.SetR Ridge Northern Lights JH UD RE, Owned by Roseann Miller

4. Ch. Bulls Mts Unbelievable JH CDX RE OA OAJ OAP OJP, Owned by Rhonda Dillman

Regular Female Classes

Regular Female Classes

Judge: Houston Clark

 6-9 Puppy Bitch(5 entered 0 absent)

1. Foxtract P B & J Otter, Owner Brian & Julie Quirk

2. Cirelyns Summer Bombshell, Owners Pam & Kayla Kozak

3. Esthetes Much Ado About Everything, Owners Jennifer Necker, Julie Bremser & Jill Warren

4. Shamerins Next Top Model, Owned by Ann Lippipiatong 

9-12 puppy bitches ( 12 entered 0 absent)

1. WinDancers True Love at PineMeadow, Owner Lynne Coffman

2.Huntwood Trabeiz Daddys Dream Girl, Owned by Sandy Charkowski, Judi Hunter , Eileen Hackett & Elizabeth Buege

3. Feathers Cowboys Dream, Owner Jan & Dave Carlson

4 . Aerdens Surprise, Owner Andrea Holstz

12-15 bitches (16 entered 1 ab)

1 Stargazers N Wingfields Another Time, Owners Don & Pat Collier & Eileen Hackett

2. Esquires Drama Queen, Owners Jan Borchardt & Susie Kerwin Hagen

3. Loriens Lady Morro, Owner Vanessa & S. Maynard

4. Esquires Pretty In Pink, Owners Jan Borchardt & Susie Kerwin Hagen

15-18 Bitches (10 entered, 1 absent)

1. Wingfield N Chebacos Rave Review, Owners Pat & Don Coller & Eileen Hackett

2. BJ’s Silverline Lifes A Dance, Owners BJ Parson, Kristen Mooney & Kathy Gaut

3. Quail Run N Weymouths Wanderer, Owners Glenn & Sue Godley, Penny & Tony DiSienna

4. Latin Lover Summer Wine, Owners Lise Trottier, Louis Journault & Kendra Huber

AOH Bitches ( 5 entered)

1. BackRoads A FairMeadow Beckons, Owner Dawn Mozgawa & Nadine Keister

2. BlueStars Harper Valley PTA, Owners Kayla Kramer & Jan Flaherty

3. Monimar Salt On The Rim, Owner M Wojack & Mary K Iverson

4. Kadons SeaIsland Save The Last Dance For Me, Owners Kay Monaghan & Sarah Kuniansky

Bred By Bitches (15 entered 1 absent 1 moved up)

1. Country Squires Cotillion, Owners Shaun & Donna Jordan & Deb Jauron

2. Trabeiz Chebacos No Training Wheels, Owners Peg Ziebart Sennett & Eileen Hackett

3. Windancers Special Justice, Owners Kathy Rodriguez & Melissa Newman

4. Reidwood Royal Blue, Owners Nancy & Jeanette Warner & R & K Mellis

American Bred Bitches ( 8 entered 1 absent)

1. Fieldplays Tried N True, Owners R & F Stevens & T Kuccinos

2. Masterpiece Cleared For Take Off, Owners Dean & Sandy Miller

3. Huntwood Trabeiz I Dare You, Owners Peg Ziebart Sennett & Judi Hunter

4. Set R Ridges Special Moments , Owner Lynne Coffman

Open Bitches (19 entered 0 absent)

1. Stargazers N Chebacos Gift to Paisley, Owners E. Buege, S. Charkowske, P Skol & E. Hackett

2. Linwood’s Fringe Benefits, Owner Lin Sell

3. Sage Brush Bull Mt Judee, Owners Hillary Oakes & William Potts

4. Trabiez Liberty Call, Owners Peg Ziebart Sennett & Joan O’Conner

Winners Bitch

Stargazers N Chebacos Gift To Paisley (Open Class) 

Reserve Winners Bitch

Country Squires Cotillion (Bred By) 

Non-Regular Female Classes

Judge:  Houston Clark

Veteran Bitches 7 and older ( 8 entered 1 absent)

1. Fieldplay’s Tia Maria Milroy, Owned by Norma & Susan Allen

2. Ch. Monimar Fade To Black, Owned by Morgan & Mary K Iverson

3. GrCh BJ’s Cowboys Cadillac, Owned by BJ Parsons & Kristen Mooney

4. Ch. Reidwood Style In Motion, Owned by Jeanette & Nancy Warner & Clifford Reid

Field Bitches (4 entered)

1. Gr.Ch. Esthetes Claudette Monet JH, Owned by Lanore Matter & Jill Warren

2. Ch. Editions Barefoot Contessa JH RN, Owned by Mary Coldiron

3. Monimar Sea Island Devil Wears Spots JH, Owned by Frazier Neal, Sarah Kuniansky & Terry Murtagh

4. Ch. Stylecast Moonshadow JH, Owned by Sandy Moody & Dave Branik



Judge: Judy Webb

6-9 Puppy Dog (6 entered 1 absent)

1.SetR Ridges National Pride N Glory, Owner Pam Miller & Amy Miller

2. Camillias Lead Off Man, Owned by Lori, Connor & Jarrett Whorff

3. Arrowood’s Standing Ovation, Owned by Ardy McElwee

4. Arrowood’s Magic From Above, Owned by Linda Hosking

9-12 Futurity dogs ( 6 entered 0 absent)

1. Editions Kryptonite, Owned by Conny Helms, Karen & Greg Corey

2. Feathers Continental Cowboy, Owned by Jan & David Carlson

3. Reidwood’s Royalty Next In Line, Owned by Noreen Lorenz & Lindajune Faulkner

4. Summerhill’s Zig Zag O Hemlock Lane , Owned by John David & Barbara Fabelo

12-15 Futurity Dogs ( 12 entered 1 absent)

1. Artizoe’s Keeley’s Eccentric, Owned by Lise Trottier, Louis Journault & Kendra Huber

2. Weymouth’s EnFuego, Owned by Tony & Penny DiSienna

3. Weymouths Fire ‘N Ice, Owned by Penny & Tony DiSienna

4. Esquires Fourwinds Travel ‘N Man, Owned by Sabrina Rundley & Anna Quigley

15-18 Futurity Dogs (4 entered 1 absent)

1.Creekcrossings Honor N Gold, Owned by Nancy Alexander & Melissa Newman, 

2. Set R Ridge Flirt N With Fame, Owned by Jean Frankey

3. Whistlestop Ticket To Ride, Owned by Paula & Gordon Spiering

6-9 Futurity Bitches ( 7 entered 0 Absent)

1. BJ’S Festivity Adventurer Charm, Owned by BJ Parsons & Kristen Mooney

2. Windancers Win Place Show at Winchester, Owned by Caryl Hodges & Rachel Barnes

3. Windancers True Love at Pine Meadow, Owned by Lynne Y Coffman

4. Huntwood Trabiez Daddys Dream Girl, Owned by Sandy Charkowske, J.Hunter, E.Hackett & E.Buege

9-12 Futurity Bitches ( 14 entered 1 absent)

1.Stargazer N Wingfield Mistic Daisy, Owner Pat Skol & Lois Biedron

2.Indian Bend Kelyric Heart And Soul, Owned by Sandra , John & Madeline McCue

3.Kadon’s Truth Or Dare, Owned by Kay Monaghan

4. Wingfields & Chebaco’s Tell Me Why, Owned by Pat Burmeister & Eileen Hackett

12-15 Futurity Bitches (12 entered 0 absent)

1. Esquires Pretty In Pink, Owned by Sue Kerwin Bush & Jan Borchard

2. Quail Run Weymouths Wanderer, Owned by Glenn & Sue Godley & Penny & Anthony DiSienna

3. Paisley N Chebacos Legally Blonde, Owned by E. Buege, E.Hackett & S Charkowske

4. Wingfield N Chebacos Rave Reviex, Owned by Pat & Don Coller & E. Hackett

15-18 Futurity Bitches (5 entered 1 excused)

1. SetR Ridge on My Honor, Owned by Irvin & Mary Ciszek & Anna quigley

2. Kaskas Delilah, Owned by Lindsey Kuhn

3. Whistlestops Sugarlands Express, Owned by Paula & Gordon Spiering

4. Kaskas Wilson Farms Flair, Owned by Elinor Shoop & Lindsey Kuhn & Lee Gancer

Best in Futurity

Editions Kryptonite

Best Opposite Sex In Futurity

Esquires Pretty In Pink



Judge: Judy Webb

9-12 Maturity Dogs ( 2 entered)

1. Ch. Celestial’s Unanimous Decision , Owner Tammy & Roger Vann

2. Set R Ridges Affirmed , Owner Melissa Newman

9-12 Maturity Dogs ( 1 entered)

1 BJ’s Wizard In Winter, Owned by BJ Parsons and Kristen Mooney

12-15 maturity dogs ( 4 entered)

1. Ch. Everett Sticky Situation for Trabeiz, Owner B, G, L & J Jacobsen and Peg Ziebart Sennet

2 . Eversett Paisley Seek n Duckstroy, Owner S Charkowske and E Buege

3. Eversett Tarred N Feathered, Owner Bob & Allison Kidd

4. Set R Ridges Sevenoaks Driftwood, Owner Pauline Taylor & Hilary Oakes

15-18 Maturity Digs ( 1 entered)

Gr Ch Colthouse Genuine Draft, Owned by Georgette Perry, Annette Carswell & Ann Laurier

69 Maturity Bitches

1 Set R Ridge Special Moments , Owner Lynn Coffma

2 Reidwood Royal Blue , Owner Bob & Kathy Mellis and N& J. Warner

3. Serendipitys Milroys Clivia, Owner Jack Johnson & Norma Allen

912 Maturity Bitches (4 entered 1 absent) 

1 Fieldplay’s Tri’d ‘N True, Owner G Robert & Francis Stevens & T Kucoinos

2 Gr Ch Bittersweet ‘n Whiteoak Echo, owned by Nancy Connelly and Shirley Diguilio

3.Jalyns Wild Blue Yonder, Owned by Darcy L Wilkins & LynIe Ashley

12-15 Maturity Bitch (3 entered)

1 GrCh Reidwood Artistic Vision, Owned by N& J Warner & Clifford Reid

2 Artizoe Keeley’s Madeline, Owned by Lise Trottier, Louis Journault and Kendra Huber

3. Masterpiece cleared for Take Off, Owner Dean & Sandy Miller

15-18 Maturity bitches (6 entered 1 absent)

1. Artizoe Keeley Zara, Owned by Lise Trottier , Louis Journault & Kendra Huber

2 . Gr Ch Winchester Taylor Made JH, Owned by Rachel Barnes & Carol Hodge

3. Bayou Bend Indecisive, Owned by Diane Ruth

4 Ch Celestial Dasi Voo JH, Owned by Roger & Tammy Vann

Best in Maturity

GrCh Reidwood Artistic Vision

Best Opposite Sex Maturity

Ch EverSett Sticky Situation for Trabeiz

Veteran Sweepstakes

Veteran Sweepstakes

Judge: Lori Stewart

Veteran Sweeps (11 dogs, 11 bitches 1 absent) 

Best Veteran Ch. Monimar Dancing In The Moonlight, Owner Matthew & Mary K Iverson

Best Opposite : Ch.Honeygait Wilsonlake Absolute, Owner John Flynn & J & M Nowak

AOM : Ch. Honeygait Suprise Addition, Owner Karen Kennedy & Gloria Arata

AOM Ch. Reidwood Style In Motion, Owners J & N Warner & Clifford Reid

Junior Showmanship

Junior Showmanship

Judge: Houston Clark

Novice Junior (1 entered)

1. Nicole Kidd w/ Ch.Eversett Tarred & Feathered

Novice Intermediate (2 entered 1 absent)

1. W. Reece Lloyd w/ Linwood Resolutes New Beginnings 

Open Junior (1 entered)

1. Kayla M Larson w/ Monimar Salt On The Rim

Open Intermidiate (1 entered)

1 Jennifer Nekker w/ Ch. Iobera Flowin’ Owen RN NA NAJ NF OFF OAP OJP

Open Senior ( 3 entered 1 absent)

1. Jamie Lamphier w/ GrCh. Honeygait WilsonLake Skyy

2. Kelsey Hansen w/ Linwood’s Scandalous Affair

Best Junior Handler – Jennifer Necker (Open Intermediate)

Obedience & Rally

Obedience & Rally

Judge: Anna Lorenz

Utility A Qualifiers:

Ch Setr Ridges Black Gold JH UD RE , Rose Miller

Open B Qualifiers

Ch Setr Ridges Black Gold JH UD RE , Rose Miller

***Awarded High Combined for these qualifications ***

Novice B Qualifiers

Ch Aerden’s Talk of the Town, JH, Rose Miller

*** This qualifier scored 198 to win “High In Trial” and the “Highest Scoring CH Award”

Beginner Novice B Qualifiers

Dolly, RN, Margaret A LeFebvre

Ch Sagebrush Bull Mtns The Perfect Storm, Brooke Deleware

Beginner Novice A Qualifiers

Linwood Fringe Benefits SH, Lin Sell

Ch Blu’Star’s Bedrock Boss, Brian Silbernagel & Janis Flaherty

Kaska’s Bugsey Malone of Hiddenlane JH RN, Karen Lishinski

Ch Kaska’s Dapper Don of Loralei, Lori A Curran

Veteran Class

Ch Set’r Ridges Northern Lights *** Highest Scoring Veteran***

Ch Set’r Ridges Deep Impact

Chiefton of High Moor 


Excellent B Qualifiers:

Ch Bull Mtns Unbelievable, JH CDX RE OA OAJ OAP OJP, Rhonda Dillman

Ch Set’r Ridge’s Winchester Elite CDX RA JH AX AXJ

Advanced B Qualifiers

Ch Sagebrush Bull Mtns The Perfect Storm RN, Brooke Delaware

Blu’Star’s Rockin the Harper Valley PTA, Kathryn E. Kramer and Jan Flaherty

Ch Bull Mtns Unbelievable JH CDX RE OA OAJ OAP OJP, Rhonda Dillman

Ch Sagebrush Indenue CD RN, Rhonda Dillman and Willam Potts

Advanced A Qualifiers

Ch Editions The Barefoot Contessa RN JH

Novice B Qualifiers

Ch Aerden’s Talk of the Town, JH, Rose T. Miller

GCH Esthete’s Claudette Monet JH, Lanore Matter and Jill Warren

Linwood Resolute’s New Beginning, Rebecca Lloyd

Novice A Qualifiers

Ch Kaska’s Dapper Don of Loralei, Lori A Curran

Wind Dancer’s Win Place Show at Winchester, Caryl Hodges & Rachel Barnes

GCH Winchester’s Taylor Made JH, Rachel Barnes and Caryl Hodges

Ch Blu’Star’s Bedrock Boss, Brian Silbernagel & Janis Flaherty

Field Trial

Field Trial Sweeps

Sat       Sun
X          X   Monimar Salt on the Rim
Owner:  Kayla & Tracy Larson, Mary Ann Wojcik & Mary Kay Iverson

X          X   Merriman & Stardom Fire at Hiddenlane    NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Karen Lishinski & Harvey Wooding

X          Feathers Continental Cowboy
Owner:  Jan & David Carlson

X                Feathers Cowboy’s Dream
Owner:  Jan & David Carlson

X          X   Cirelyn Summer Bombshell  NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Pamela & Kayla Kozak

X              Huntwood Chebaco Perfect Image   NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Judi Hunter

X             CH Evrsett Sticky Situation for Trabeiz
Owner:  Gladys, Lynn & Joanna Jacobson & Peg Ziebart-Sennett

X              Huntwood Right Up My Alli
Owner:  Judi Hunter 

X               Topsails ‘N’Esthete’s Captain of The Guard
Owner:  Lanore Matter & Jill Warren

X              Monimar Cuervo Black with A Splash    NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  MaryK, Monika & Morgan Iverson & Kim Trojanowski

X          Fireside’s Caeser Augustus
Owner:  Don Wolfert

X         X    Fireside Cameo   NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Mary-Beth Esser

X          X    Fireside Lacy Lou   NEW JUNIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Kurt Mueller

X          X     Fireside Micky Weske
Owner:  Mary-Beth Esser

Sat       Sun     
X          X     Linwood Fringe Benefits SH
Owner:  Lin Sell

X          X       DeCoverly’s Blue Rock
Owner:  Bruce & Amy Arnold

X                   Stylecast Pied Piper  NEW SENIOR HUNTER!
Owner:  Bruce & Amy Arnold

Sat       Sun
X          Toppers High Steppen Hawk (only entered 1 day)
Owner:  Ted Towne