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ESAA Futurity Puppy Enrollment Form

You are the owner of a puppy from a litter that has been registered for the ESAA Futurity Stake.

To keep this puppy eligible, you must complete this form and submit it along with the fee of $10.00 per puppy, payable by PayPal, on or before the puppy turns four (4) months old.

If ownership of the puppy has changed since the time of litter registration or changes at any time afterward, the new owner(s) must complete and submit the “Change in Ownership” form to the Futurity/Maturity chairperson immediately. The chairperson must have the correct owner’s name(s) two months prior to the Futurity stake at the ESAA National in order to confirm eligibility. All owners must be members of ESAA by the time of the Futurity Stake for the puppy to be eligible.

Here is the chart used to determine what futurity class the puppy will be in:

Puppies born in:Futurity Class:
March – April – May15-18 Futurity class of the following year
June – July – August12-15 Futurity class of the following year
September – October – November9-12 Futurity class of the following year
December6-9 Futurity class of the following year
January – February6-9 Futurity class of their birth year
Note: Maturity classes are exactly the same as Futurity, but two years later.

If you have any questions, please contact the Futurity/Maturity chairperson at: